Rebecca Drury

Specialising in life coaching, hypnotherapy and holistic practices - supporting you to achieve your potential and attain happiness, success and a sense of purpose in your life and career.

Welcome from Rebecca Drury
Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Holistic Practitioner

- Are you unsure about what you want from your life and need direction?

- Do you yearn to get rid of negative patterns of behaviour that are holding you back?

- Are you fed up with carrying around hidden fears, phobias, stress or low self esteem?

- Or maybe you're ready to take things to the next level and achieve your full potential?

Create a positive change

Imagine taking charge of your life and creating the positive changes that you dream of.... Well, you can! I can help you to let go of your fears and find the direction, courage and motivation to attain your goals. I specialise in life coaching, hypnotherapy and holistic techniques that will enable you to:

Take control

- Eliminate old patterns, fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you living the life you deserve

- Be clear about what you truly want and how to achieve it

- Learn to let go of any resentments from the past and live in the present

- Connect to your purpose in life and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin

- Improve your communication; develop effective ways of relating and connecting with others

- Become more successful in areas of life that you want to improve in

Throughout my website you will find more information about me, my approach and the techniques and treatments that I use to motivate and inspire others to achieve their goals. I hope you enjoy looking around my site; if you wish to know more, please ask! I’ll be more than happy to talk through any queries with you.

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