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Career Coaching

  • Has your career stalled?
  • Are you feeling burned out?
  • Perhaps you want to develop further and achieve your ambitions?
  • Are you really using your talents, strengths and skills?
  • Or, have you stuck your career dreams on the shelf where they are slowly gathering dust?

Career coaching can support you to identify new directions, revisit your career dreams, evaluate your skills, strengths and achievements and help you to move forward in a direction that feels totally right for you. I support clients on a range of career development issues such as:

  • Career exploration - whether you're looking for a change of direction, are facing redundancy or are currently unemployed, we'll review your skills, your strengths, your achievements, your values and what inspires you ... and find the right career path for you.
  • CVs and application forms - a vital step in the process, I can help you to sell yourself on paper and stand out from the crowd.
  • Interview coaching - with many years experience in personnel, I have interviewed numerous people for many different roles. I can help you to prepare effectively, manage those dreaded interview nerves and shine on the day!
  • Promotions or changes in role - even when these are welcomed, they will bring new challenges that can leave you feeling overwhelmed or stressed. As your coach, I act as a confidential sounding board, helping you to work through any anxieties, build your confidence and develop new strategies to effectively manage change.

Working with me as your coach will enable you to access career development support from someone who is independent, objective, confidential and encouraging!

We spend so much of our lives at work - isn't it better to spend that time doing something that brings you fulfilment and happiness, rather than frustration or stress. Let's work together to find the perfect role for you.