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Confidence Coaching

Do you sometimes feel that you're holding yourself back because of a lack of confidence or self-esteem? Do you know what you want to do or say but can't summon the courage? If so, you're not alone. Lack of confidence can be a real stumbling block for a surprising number of people, hence, I felt that 'confidence' deserved a page in its own right!

Issues with confidence can emerge at certain times in life, often due to overwhelming demands or pressures on us, or problems may occur in certain situations (social events, job interviews, presentations, etc). Alternatively, issues with confidence or self-esteem may have been with you for as long as you can remember, affecting many areas of your life.

Having confidence in yourself, your opinions, your decisions, your actions, your words, can be life enhancing. It can enable you to live your life with a sense of freedom and inner peace and to achieve what you want to achieve. It will enable you to be your best and to support others.

When you are in your 'confidence zone', life seems to flow. Yes, problems and challenges will still arise but you will find yourself dealing with them calmly and with greater ease - no more shying away from taking action, being your own worst critic or allowing others to make decisions for you.

If you have had enough of confidence issues holding you back, then coaching can really help you to:

  • Listen to, trust and act on your instincts
  • Overcome doubt and have faith in your own judgement
  • Strengthen your inner belief about yourself
  • Learn techniques that you can use to keep calm and stay relaxed in 'trigger' situations
  • Say what you mean, not what you think others want to hear
  • Above all, respect and value yourself

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