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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching, or Life Coaching as it is often known, can provide a real opportunity for you to step back, take stock of your situation and find the clarity and motivation to make positive change. I aim to inspire you to be the best that you can be by giving you independent support, guidance and challenge to:

  • Unravel your fears or concerns
  • Understand what is truly important to you
  • Explore alternative courses of action
  • Set goals and achieve them

Ultimately, successful life coaching will support you to make positive changes so that you have more confidence, fulfilment and happiness in your life.

How Personal Coaching can help you


Are you constantly in conflict with someone close to you? Feeling resentful? Fearful of commitment? Perhaps you're finding it difficult to make friends or find a partner. I can help you to work through what's really going on and develop some new strategies.

Negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour

Many people are held back by negative thoughts and opinions, limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns of behaviour. If you're ready to move forward and create long lasting change, contact me now.

Life purpose

Are you struggling to make sense of your life or feel that there's something lacking but don't know which direction to move in? Do you wish for a life that seems like a distant pipe dream? I can help you to find powerful ways to move forward on a path that feels totally right for you.

Life changes

Loss of a loved one. Redundancy. Retirement. Divorce or separation. These are all huge life changes that can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed. I can help you to find a positive way through life's tough stuff.

Personal Coaching process

Coaching will involve work on your part and I will often set you tasks between sessions, however, coaching can also be fun and can enable you to achieve great things. As a qualified hypnotherapist, I can also blend coaching with hypnotherapy (hypno-coaching) which can achieve powerful results.

Life coaching can help you to clarify your priorities in life and to establish a sense of direction and purpose. The coaching process will help you to identify the changes you want to make, explore your options and set a plan of action to achieve your goals. As your coach, I will provide challenge, accountability, support and – encouragement! My aim throughout is to support you to achieve what you want to achieve.

Life Coaching - empowering you to be the person you want to be...